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Download the Thai Gold Menu.PDF

Most items can be made VEGETARIAN and/or GLUTEN FREE!!!


To call for Take-Out 303 593 1715


CLICK HERE FOR HAPPY HOUR MENU! From 3 PM to 6 PM Weekdays (dine in only)


How SPICY is it? We can do from 0 to 10 chilies of spice!

Our menu uses the “chili” system to indicate how spicy a particular dish will be.  No chilies next to the menu item equals mild, one chili has a little spice, two has a little more and three is moderately spicy. Most dishes can be made more or less spicy to suit particular tastes. If you are used to eating spicy foods our "medium" would be from 4 to 6 chilies. If you eat very little spice medium starts at 2 chilies. You can request any dish be made spicier, we only recommend starting low and moving up to get an idea of our interpretation of spicy.

In the restaurant, we also have spice trays available to add spice after your dish has arrived. Let the server know if you would like a spice tray. Enjoy!!!


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